Friday, September 19, 2008

Sarah Palin: Friend Of The Common Man

For those middle class Americans struggling to make ends meet in this time of fiscal meltdowns, skyrocketing gas prices, and mortgage foreclosures, Sarah Palin is the candidate for you! After all, who better understands the plight of the little guy than a candidate who wears designer imported glasses?

These designer imported glasses say a lot about Sarah Palin, and why every down-on-their-luck middle American should vote for her:

1. Just Your Regular Hockey Mom: These aren't just any designer imported glasses. These are expensive designer glasses. These "customized glasses and frames from Japanese designer Kazuo Kawasaki" start (yes, I said start) at $600. If being a hockey mom means I can afford glasses that start at $600, sign me up for a sex change, some lipstick, and a pair of skates!

2. Knows Value When She Sees It: Times are tough. People have to budget for the rising cost of food and gas. The federal government has to deal with record budget deficits. Palin often speaks about how she cut wasteful spending in Alaska. I'm guessing these glasses are the perfect example of her ability to trim the fat off the budget. I'm just a dumb middle class person, so I have to assume that her $600 dollar designer glasses imported all the way from Japan help her see much better than my $85 pair from the Target down the block. It is probably these super glasses that allows her to see Russia from her front porch. Heck, at that price, her glasses probably give her x-ray vision too. That is the kind of candidate we need to safeguard our tax dollars!

3. Country First: Palin's glasses also appeal to the middle class workers who have seen their jobs go overseas. After all, that's $600 dollars being pumped into the economy. That my friends, is the definition of "Country First." And even better, they are imported glasses, which means they are purchased from another country, in this case Japan, so the Japanese economy gets the $600 ... oh wait, that doesn't help American workers so much after all.
4. A Campaign About Issues: These glasses have created quite a stir. Everyone is talking about them! Who cares about 'ethics' or 'competence' or 'job performance' when I can get some glasses that make me look cool?


Average American said...

This is the most brilliant thing I've read all day.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no one has tried to defend her yet. I guess that's because there is no defense for this...

Anonymous said...

LOL! Palin is such a joke.

Anonymous said...

I am drunk after a day's worth of football games. But Palin is drunk off of years' worth of drinking goodness off the american people. SHe has lied cheated and stolen her way to the top. As Americans, we need to prove that we will not vote a lying no-good candidate into office.

Go Seahawks!

locomotivebreath1901 said...

That's it? That's all you tools got?

How much of her own money one woman spends on eye glasses?

But that really bugs you socialist nitwits - how people spend their money.

No word on Obama's 1.5 million dollar Chicago mansion, or his multi million dollar private jet (or it's fuel bills and carbon print), or his wife's extravagant taste in jewelry or private schools for his kids.

You biatch that Sarah has ~designer eye wear.

Myopic hypocrites. Don't vote for her then. But at least acknowledge people have the right to purchase with their own money whatever they want - even the Obama's.

Thanks for playin'.

Anonymous said...

Lol, this is the stupidest thing I have heard. You might as well get on every politician the way this argument is phrased. I mean gimme a break. This article is a joke, talk about something with some substance.

Anonymous said...

Do you wear those $75 glasses all day and actually *need* them in order to clearly see further than 3 feet away from your face?

The $600 mentioned in the Chicago Sun-Times is the total cost for frames AND lenses.
Of course, you would already know this had you read the USA Today article to which you linked.

The "glasses" retail at around $370, which is pretty standard for high-quality frames.
example here --->
The quality of the frames is very important when the glasses are worn daily because cheap frames fall apart or break easily and need to be replaced more frequently. They can also cause physical damage to eyes.
In the optometry industry, there are precise quality specifications that each pair of eyeglasses has to meet and they are rated on a pass-fail system.
Target failed.

Can you provide an example of a high-quality brand name frame that is designed and manufactured in the US? Good luck.

The US distributor of her frames is Los Angeles based Italee Optics, a highly respected and award winning lab and frame distributing company. The manufacturing of their lenses is an in-house process, meaning they are definitely made in the USA.
Lenses are expensive to begin with and every necessary or recommend feature increases the price quickly.

Sarah Palin is nearsighted with a slight astigmatism, as am I.
Last week my very lower-middle class self purchased a new pair of glasses.
The total cost was $525. Had I gotten the transition lenses, like Gov. Palin's, that total would have been about $700.

Neutral GlassesWearer said...

I'm not giving an opinion one way or another on what is says about Palin, but this post says that the 'glasses' retail for around $600. Nowhere does it say $600 for 'frames.' When I read "glasses" I think lenses and frames, so there really isn't a discrepancy in this post on that point. If you want to argue that $600 isn't a lot to pay for glasses (I personally spent $200 on my lenses + frames, but I can imagine it depends a lot on where you live), that's fine...but there is nothing in this post that would indicate that its author did not read the USA today article. At the end of the day, it's this guy's opinion, and he's entitled to that just like you are entitled to yours.

Donnie said...

I think this blog is supposed to be satire. Either way, it cracks me up. I don't know what is funnier, the original post, or the angry comments denouncing it. I'm glad my buddy forwarded me this blog!

MFing Pelikan said...

locomotive breath, why don't you inhale the exhalations of my ass you moron.

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