Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fan Gives Palin Appropriate Gift

This from KDKA 2 News:

"A Latrobe man is hoping his invention will bring Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin good luck in the upcoming election. Frank Moff says he invented the "Bobber with a Brain" for fishermen several years ago. Moff says he's hoping it will bring the Republicans luck in the upcoming election. He says he met Jerome Bettis at Sharky's Bar in Latrobe one night during Steelers training camp and gave him a bobber for good luck in the upcoming season. That's the year he says the Steelers ended up winning the Super Bowl. So Moff said whe he heard that Gov. Palin enjoys the great outdoors, he decided to send her one. A few weeks later, Moff says he got a call from Palin's husband, Alaska's "First Dude," Todd, thanking him for the gesture. Moff tells KDKA that during their conversation "The First Dude" said he would try the bobber when he returns to Alaska."

I can't think of a person more in need of a gift that comes "with a brain." However, Mr. Moff would have helped the Republicans even more if he could have given John McCain a "Vice Presidential Candidate with a Brain."

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Anonymous said...

That's just strange.